Sunshine & Blue Skies, Santa Barbara, CA

Sunshine & Blue Skies, Santa Barbara, CA

Reiki has always inspired a sense of awe, mystery and fascination. Looking back, I can see I was drawn to this ancient practice long before I understood it. It has been the catalyst for my deepest healing, and it’s the kind of soul work that feeds me unlike anything else.

As an indigo child, I remember being sensitive and aware early on, but with a deep sense of longing for safety and security in the material world. I had a knowing of previous lifetimes where my soul had suffered, and I carried this weight during my childhood.

When I was 7, my family and I moved into a converted Bed & Breakfast in Vermont, built in the 1800’s. It was part of the New England Historical Society, and a known landmark of the Underground Railroad, an anti-slavery movement prior to the Civil War, that helped slaves escape into Canada. It was also next to an active cemetery. The home and surrounding land were rich with not only history, but trauma. Both haunting and beautiful.

At a young age, I quickly learned I was able to sense and communicate with energies from the etheric realm and beyond. I soon experienced my first psychic attack, and many more afterwards, until they became a routine part of my childhood. In my darkest moments, my mother comforted me with Reiki and I was slowly introduced to this delicate yet powerful practice.

My teenage and early adult years were fraught with self indulgence and escapism from this troublesome reality. I then spent my college years in a series of toxic relationships and spiraled into a depression. It wasn’t until a series of events forced me to relocate to the west coast that I began to see a future for myself. In Los Angeles, I was inspired by the access to alternative modalities and the openness to healing and transformation. During this time, a friend invited me to an intuition workshop and we learned how energy can be shared with another person. While practicing in the group, several participants excitedly told me how strongly they felt my presence. One even exclaimed, “you should do Reiki!” Soon after this seed was planted, I met my Reiki teacher and began my healing journey.

In 2016, I became a certified Usui Reiki Master, levels I, II, and III and was attuned to Holy Fire Reiki, which incorporates the healing energy of the sun. I am also a hospice volunteer and End of Life Doula, pending certification. I am passionate about caring for the emotional and spiritual needs during the death process. This includes processing of life’s purpose and meaning, sacred contracts, closure and forgiveness practices, and legacy work.