I believe that healing is for everyone.

I am passionate about serving people of all ages and walks of life including those who identify as men, women, gender neutral, or in transition. All are welcome. My office is located at TempleWork LA at 3401 Glendale Blvd in Los Angeles. I am also available to travel or work remotely. Please contact me for individual needs.


Each 90 minute session will focus on removing blockages from the energetic body. First time clients please sign up for an “energy tune up” session. This is a prerequisite before focusing on individual chakras.

STABILITY | 1st Chakra | Location: Base of Spine

Good physical health, ideal weight & diet, easy flow of money, grounded, at peace in nature, all basic needs are met, ability to trust in a higher power



CREATIVITY | 2nd Chakra | Location: Low Back, Sex Organs

Working harmoniously and creatively with others, generosity, passion and sense of purpose in life, surrendering to change, genuine intimacy in relationships & sex, self control, balancing masculine & feminine energies (in both men and women)



EMPOWERMENT | 3rd Chakra | Location: Solar Plexus

Empowering self and others, leadership qualities, confidence, high self-esteem, turning thought into action, balanced ego



LOVE | 4th Chakra | Location: Heart

Allowing unconditional love, harmonious relationships, compassion, happiness, forgiveness, emotional stability, service with ease



COMMUNICATION | 5th Chakra | Location: Throat

Identifying and speaking the truth,  adequate communication, comfortable with the sound of your voice, interpreting what has not been said, discerning, listening



INTUITION | 6th Chakra | Location: Third Eye

Being present in the world, ability to focus, optimistic, active dream life, insight, imagination, concentration, peace of mind, wisdom, sensitivity



CLARITY | 7th Chakra | Location: Crown of Head

In touch with your higher self and how you relate to others, clear headed, consistent, steady on your path, ability to make all types of decisions