The greatest teacher will lead you back to yourself.

Teaching is a responsibility, an honor, and a privilege. All my greatest teachers have effortlessly shown me that the answers I seek are already within me. So, the teaching itself becomes more like an awakening, or remembering of knowledge rather than an introduction. I aim to bring to you this kind of empowerment and clarity. Before signing up you have the option to receive an outline of the syllabus and ask any questions during a complimentary phone call. Some levels require prerequisites, please contact me for exceptions.

For Reiki Level I, I find teaching one-on-one most beneficial, especially for empaths and sensitives, but am open to small groups of students who know each other intimately for Reiki Levels II and III. Rates for groups will vary.

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Reiki I


In Reiki Level I, the focus is on healing yourself.

This is the most powerful and life-changing level for most, because the concept of being your own healer is still revolutionary in Western culture. If we accept that we can heal ourselves, then we must also recognize our role in perpetuating our existing trauma. With this comes a great sense of responsibility and awakening.

No prerequisite or prior knowledge of Reiki is needed

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Reiki II


In Reiki Level II, the focus is on healing others.

This often builds organically off the work you’ve done on yourself. Only then can you start to identify universal energetic patterns that exist in the collective consciousness. It is fascinating to dive into this new level of awareness. We start to see how others are simply mirrors for us to reflect back our greatest strengths and weaknesses.

Prerequisite: Reiki I (at least 3-6 months)


Reiki III


In Reiki Level III, the focus is on integration.

This is the final level where all the pieces come together. We will work in depth with the layers of healing you’ve experienced within yourself and with your clients and form some life-changing conclusions. You will also learn how to teach Reiki and be encouraged to incorporate your personal learnings.

Prerequisite: Reiki I, II (at least 6-12 months working with clients)