"Gabriella takes a very comprehensive approach to her healing practice.  She has a gentle yet strong, reassuring presence.  In my pre-session consultation she methodically but sensitively gathered information and put together a picture of how and where current patterns were showing up in my life, and what kind of changes I would like to see.  My first session took me to a place of inner light, love and expansion that stayed with me for weeks. Gabriella definitely has a gift for doing deep inner energy work. You will not be disappointed! I am looking forward to our next session."      ~Ricardo, Los Angeles CA

"Gabriella is a gifted healer. She gave me a distance Reiki session that was nothing less than remarkable. I was fascinated that she could perform energy work on me even though we were hundreds of miles apart. She had me lay down in a quiet room free of distractions for our session. I did so at our agreed upon time, and then felt her begin her work immediately. It felt as if she was standing right above me - her vibrational energy was so strong and comforting. During the session I was blown away by how seamlessly she was able to pinpoint my most challenged and blocked areas without any knowledge of them prior. I could feel the energy shift as I opened up and relaxed. During our follow-up phone call she gave additional insight that was so valuable to me in processing the experience and deepening my own healing. Gabriella is a true beam of light in the healing community and this is evident through her intuitive knowledge, passion and professionalism. I highly recommend healing sessions with her."   ~Haley, Bakersfield CA

"Going into my Reiki session with Gabriella with no prior experience of energy work I was nervous about what to expect. She did an excellent job of putting me at ease by explaining how the process works and exactly what she would be doing. I had anticipated feeling some sort of physical reaction but I did not expect to feel what I can only describe as a strong energetic force. I could actually pinpoint different areas where I felt like something was being pulled or lifted from the body although there was no physical contact made. While it was hard to understand during the session, afterwards I felt an immediate lightness as a result. Gabriella has such a strong presence and ability to understand what I needed to work on without ever discussing it. Once she explained the chakras she focused on I realized how relevant they were to the areas of my life I am working on. She helped me to process the experience and ultimately learn more about myself. Gabriella is truly gifted and I am grateful for this incredible experience. The way she connects with others is beautiful. I cannot recommend her enough."   ~Claudia, Manhattan Beach CA

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