“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” ~Rumi

We all want to experience our full potential as human beings. Yet, we often don’t realize that healing is a path to walk, not a destination. This shift in perception is the first step in committing to and understanding your journey. It is uniquely yours.

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About Me

I believe we are drawn to those who can help us. One of my deepest strengths is my ability to listen and create a safe container where love, trust, and respect are nourished. I have a gentle, nurturing presence and I truly love and care for each person who comes to work with me. It brings me joy to be of service in this way.


Why Reiki?

Reiki is the most widely known form of energy healing. It has helped countless people release stress, anxiety, depression, and deeper traumas. Reiki works with universal life force energy to restore flow in your energetic body. This allows for a state of well being across body, mind, and soul. While this is a deeply mystical practice, it is not rooted in a particular religion. Reiki is for everyone.

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