Dear Beautiful Souls,

My name is Gabriella D'Urso and my life's work is to support you in your healing and transformation. I aim to deliver to you clear, direct visions to assist with a shift in your perception. Whether you're struggling with the day to day stress of being in a human body or working with deeper issues and trauma I can develop a series of sessions to support you wherever you are on the healing path. My approach is organic and creative because no one's healing journey is linear and our needs evolve over time. I believe we all have the knowledge and capacity to heal ourselves from the inside out. One of my deepest strengths is my ability to listen and create a safe container where love, trust, and respect are nourished. We will work together to review themes in your life from childhood up until the present moment and unlock your potential for surrender. You will learn how to honor your intuitive guidance system and empower yourself by taking responsibility for your energetic patterns. To see what my clients have to say about working with me please click here.

My journey with Reiki began as a child at the age of 7 after my family and I moved into a Bed & Breakfast in Vermont built in the 1800’s, next to an active cemetery. I quickly learned of my ability to sense and communicate with energies from the etheric realm and beyond. For many years I lived in the vibration of fear without understanding how to protect myself or help these beings who were desperate for my guidance. In my darkest moments, my mother would give me Reiki and I was immediately back in the energy of universal love and safety. I learned at such a young age that all experiences are born from either a place of fear, or of love and that you cannot be in both vibrations at the same time. These themes of darkness and light would continue into my adulthood and outline a clear path for the work I am privileged to do today.

In 2015, I heard a call to the West Coast and found my way to Los Angeles. After struggling for a few months to find my tribe I settled in the neighborhood of Echo Park with a community of forward-thinking, like minded souls. Around this time, I connected with my Reiki teacher who introduced me to the traditional Usui Reiki method and the newer Holy Fire Reiki, which incorporates the healing energy of the sun.  I felt an immediate sense of being at home in my body and a unique balance of being grounded and energetically lighter simultaneously. I knew I had to share this experience with others. In May of 2016, I became an insured affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training through and opened up my practice at the Golden Sol Wellness Center.

Later that year, I became interested in bringing Reiki into other environments and started volunteering in Hospice centers across Los Angeles. There was such an incredible need for healing in this environment that I was inspired to research other modalities. I decided to expand my offerings and complete training to become an End of Life Doula through I started to see my childhood karma restored in adulthood; I had found a way to bring my light into the darkness. My Doula practice incorporates Reiki but is focused on the variety of ways the death experience can be improved. I work with clients to find closure, forgiveness, and a sense of peace in their final days and to gain an understanding of their life's meaning for both them and their families. In 2018, I've partnered with the Hope Springs Hospice that will be one of the first in the country to have an End of Life Doula program built in.

For more about my offerings please click here.